FZ Irish Individual Graded C & F

The first competition of the new Graded format will take place on the 15th December at Baldoyle Badminton Centre. Players competing in the Grade C & Grade F National Championships will have the chance to compete at the Badminton Ireland Graded Finals Day. For more information about the Graded Finals Day please click here. This exciting new format will give players the opportunity to play their Finals alongside other Finals from Grade B-H at the National Indoor Arena on the Irish Open mats. 



Important Information

  • All matches up to the Final will competed on the Saturday 15th December.
  • It is important to take note that if players enter all three events (Single, Doubles, Mixed) that they may encounter a high volume of matches if they progress far in the event. 
  • Finals will be held on Saturday 18th May @ National Indoor Arena


Links to enter online provided below; 

Please click here to enter Irish Individual Graded C Championships

Please click here to enter Irish Individual Graded F Championships


Entry open at 00:00 (GMT +01:00) on the 1st October 2018

Entry closes at 23.59 (GMT) on the 2nd December 2018


€18 = 1 Event

€35 = 2 Events

€45 = 3 Events

 Any payments made on the day will receive a handling fee of €5 or £5 as Badminton Ireland make the transition to going cashless. Players are encouraged to prepay using paypal. (http://badmintonireland.net/paypal/)


Keep an eye out  for matches, draws and entries when they become available on the Tournament Software (Grade C, Grade F). For more information about this event please contact the Badminton Ireland Events staff on +353 (0) 1839 3028 or email cdoherty@badmintonireland.com


Please click here for 2017 winners of C

Please click here for 2017 winners of F