Club Profiling and Club Development Plans


Club Profiling and Club Development Plans

The 2017/2018 season is nearing its conclusion as clubs nationwide begin to wind down on activities. Whilst many clubs will take a break for a number of weeks, others will kickstart their summer clubs to continue playing in the coming months. Details of those clubs will be gathered and available on the Badminton Ireland website from June onwards.

This stage of the year offers clubs the opportunity to review their club practices as a whole, assess what aspects of the organisation are going well, what can be improved, and determine how to improve these components. With this in mind we are publishing this particular news article to assist clubs in reviewing their club practices by conducting club profiling, which in turn will aid them to conduct a (S)trengths (W)eaknesses (O)pportunities (T)hreats analysis of their club practices.

Reviewing club practices under the headings of Governance, Development, Coaching, Membership, Safeguarding, Club Income, Public Relations, Partnerships, Inclusiveness, and Events, will enable the club to identify areas of strengths and required improvements across various facets of their organisation. Once this step is completed clubs can begin to roadmap the direction they wish to take in the short, medium, and long-term by outlining its vision, mission, and through setting objectives to help the club reach the level which the club and its members have set out for it in its development plan.

A club development plan is not only useful for providing direction for the club and its members, but having a plan documented is also massively advantageous for clubs who intend to submit funding applications to various bodies (e.g. Sports Capital Grant, Local Community Funding through Local Sports Partnerships etc.).

The Club Profiling and Club Development Planning document is available here.

In addition to this a variety of resources for development can be found on the new Club Development Initiative page on the website.

Any clubs who would like assistance in conducting club profiling, or require guidance and suggestions in creating a club development strategy, can email  

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Fiach Andrews

Development Officer



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