FREE Membership until 1 June 2018


FREE Membership until 1 June 2018

The landscape of how we run our Badminton Clubs has dramatically changed over the past few years especially where there are juveniles and vulnerable adult members

New legislative requirements for safeguarding children (Risk assessment and Statement)

Upcoming legislation for safeguarding vulnerable adults

New legislative requirements for protecting members’ data (GDPR) EU Directive

A government mandate to achieve compliance with the Governance Code requirements

Insurance liability and cover concerns for member organisations* and individual members* 



To ensure that individual members are informed about, and protected by the new legislation, and to provide an assurance to parents and guardians that their children are playing badminton in an organisation that complies with current legislation.

Badminton Ireland is developing policies, guidelines, procedures and training for both safeguarding and data protection.

This essential, legal protection provided by the legislation and the Badminton Ireland policies applies only to Badminton Ireland member organisations and individual members.  To be entirely clear, for clubs, leagues, counties and branches to be deemed member organisations,

All individual members must, in accordance with the Badminton Ireland constitution, be affiliated to Badminton Ireland.

Member organisations that have members who are not affiliated to Badminton Ireland will not be covered by the provisions of the new legislation which means that:

They, and their officers, will be jointly and individually legally responsible and accountable for safeguarding their children and vulnerable adults, and for protecting their members’ data

They must develop their own policies to ensure compliance with the legislation in these areas



The Board of Badminton Ireland understands that today not all clubs, leagues, counties and branches have all their members affiliated, and that suspension is a significant penalty for non-compliance; however, the consequences for

Not safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults,

Not protecting our members’ data in accordance with the new legislation (GDPR)

Putting insured members at risk will result in very serious consequences for the Club. 

To ensure that all Clubs, Leagues, Counties and Branches are covered, the Board has agreed as a once off to allow individual members to be affiliated for the remainder of 2018 FREE. This must be completed before June 1. 

Please note that this affiliation is for the purposes of meeting the legislative, government and insurance requirements only; any individuals being affiliated through this process will not be eligible to play in any badminton events. 



Check you have affiliated ALL your members

Compare your club list with the Badminton Ireland membership database. 

If you have affiliated ALL members complete PART A of the affiliation form on 


If you haven’t affiliated all your members, then either:

Complete the online affiliation process at and then complete and sign PART A of the affiliation form or

If you do not intend to affiliate all of your members, complete and sign PART B of the affiliation form.

For any queries contact

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