*URGENT* Membership Insurance Update


*URGENT* Membership Insurance Update

Dear Members


For all clubs that have not registered or clubs that have members playing that are not registered to BI please note the following:

  1. All members playing badminton with a club must be affiliated to Badminton Ireland - It is the responsibility of Club officers to ensure this happens
  2. Clubs with two insurance policies put themselves and all their members at risk 
  3. Club officers will be held liable if they knowingly allow non-affilaited members to play in their club
  4. Members not officially registered to BI are considered to be members of the public and can therefore make a claim against the club a lot easier


Please click here for the list of Members currently affiliated for the 2017/18 season.  

** Reminder to all Clubs that have yet to affiliate their club or members, the 2016/17 season ends on the 30/11/17 and therefore if you are not registered in advance of that date you are not insured  to play. Please be advised that this deadline has passed as to as the 11th December for all offline affiliations. 

Following on from my initial Membership Update at the start of the season, I would like to update you all with some key points to note as we progress through the 2017/18 season:

1 - To date, 335 amount of clubs have re-affiliated with a further 82 left to do so, Clubs not already affiliated will have to pay €75.00 in club fees compared with €25.00 paid by clubs that affiliated in October. Further to this, I am pleased to report that 59% of the membership has benn affiliated online, so far affiliation online is the fastest and most secure option for clubs, resulting in immediate affiliation and insurance cover without any waiting time. The average wait time of clubs submitting their affiliation via post is five working days.


2 - There are several critical dates that members and club secretaries need to be aware of going forward:

  • Nov 30thDEADLINE has exprired - The previous season's insurance expires and all unaffiliated members will no longer have coverage.
  • Dec 11th DEADLINE has exprired - Deadline for receiving papers affiliations/cheques from clubs who wish to be affiliated before the end of the year. Online affiliations* have until the December 31st.
  • Dec 22nd - DEADLINE has exprired -Badminton Ireland offices close for Christmas Holidays. Only Online affiliations* can be processed during this time. 
  • Jan 02nd - DEADLINE has exprired -Badminton Ireland offices reopen - but not all staff are back until the 8th January
  • Jan 08thDEADLINE has exprired -Deadline for receiving papers affiliations/cheques from clubs who wish to be affiliated before the January 15th deadline. All members not affiliated before this date will be ineligible to play in All Ireland events such as the Inter-Counties and Inter-Leagues. Online affiliations should be completed by Jan 14th to ensure eligibility.  This is a hardcoded deadline without any exception
  • Jan 15th - DEADLINE has exprired -No members affiliated after this deadline can enter All Ireland Events.

* Online affiliation refers to affiliations fully completed online, affiliations partially completed and paid for via cheque are required to follow the deadlines set out for paper affiliations

3 - Safeguarding update for clubs.

All clubs with at least 1 or more juveniles or vulnerable persons MUST have a nominated responsible adult as their safeguarding officer. The safeguarding officer MUST be Garda vetted and attended or plan to attend at a minimum a Safeguarding Course 1. Certs are then required by BI as a record to be held in our offices. This is a mandatory requirement for all sports and failure to comply will lead to a block on clubs allowing juveniles play in the future.



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