Women in Sport - Fittin' in Lunch Programme

Badminton Ireland run a Women in Sport Initative Fittin' in Lunch programme with staff from the Sport Ireland Campus to increase physical acitivity in those who work in the many NGB's based here.

The Women in Sport Fittin' in Lunch Programme takes place in the National Indoor Arena. This initiative was designed to increase badminton participation and general physical activity in women. The programme was broken down into 3 sections:

1. Fitness 

The participants of this programme where put through their paces, by completing a number of different exercises that are all related to the sport of badminton. They completed a range of exercises from cardio to core to strength. Some of the exercises can be seen below, other exercises completed were squats, resistance band crab walks, etc.

2. Badminton Skills

The section phase of this programme was specific badminton skills. The participants were coached by Badminton Ireland Qualified Coach, Sian Williams. Sian started off with the basics such as the grips used in badminton, she went on to teach the participants how to clear, smash and serve. 

"I have been in a badminton club for 2 years but I’m not improving – I don’t have the skills and didn’t know how to do different shots.  It can be quite demotivating when you can’t see an improvement.  I learned a lot in the short time I spent in your sessions and it has made a difference.  I would really love more of that as practice without feedback or correct reflection cannot bring about improvement" (Claire O'Connor)

3. Lifestyle Topics

The last section of the Women in Sport programme focused on lifestyle topics. During the course of the programme each participant was given information and some practical worksheets on topics such as; Goal Setting, Nutrition, Meal Preparation and Mental Health.

Badminton Ireland would like to thank the National Indoor Arena for the use of their facility over the course of the 4 weeks for this programme. We would also like to thank all the participants who took part in this programme and we hope you all enjoyed it.

One participant said the following about the programme - "A super mix of conditioning and learning new skills with great coaches - a great initiative" (Karen Coventry).

Sarah O'Donoghue

Development Officer