2018 Badminton Ireland Schools Programme


Outline of the 2018 Schools Badminton Programme

Phase 1: Shuttle Time Course

Objective: Educate teachers by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement badminton as part of their PE curriculum.

Phase 2: Resources provided to schools

Objective: Provide schools/teachers with kitbags, lesson plans, and teaching resources for their school as a result of participating in the programme. 

Phase 3: Schools implement a 6 week badminton programme

Objective: The teacher's introduce a six week programme of activities into their PE classes with a view of preparing their students for the social blitz event at the end of the programme.

Phase 4: Coach Visits

Objective: To provide the students and teachers with coaching from top Badminton Ireland coaches. The aim is to have the coaches visit the schools during their 6 week badminton programme and before they attend the Social Blitz Day.

Phase 5:  Mass participation Social Blitz Day

Objective: To provide playing opportunities for all involved in the programme during a mass participation social blitz event. The aim is to showcase the physical and social benefits of the sport at a communal participation event.

Phase 6: Development of club-school Links 

Objective: To establish club-school links between local juvenile badminton clubs and participating schools to ensure there is an accessible pathway for all participants in the school programme into club badminton. 

Phase 7: Pathways for Sustainability in Schools

If your school would be interested in taking part in this programme, please click the button below and register your interest.


So far the Badminton Ireland Development Team have been able to reach 4 regions with two regions running twice. Please see below for articles and infographics on the regions already visited in 2018 and the start of 2019.


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