Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics – Safeguarding Children in Sport


The Code of Ethics Awareness Workshops (Safeguarding 1/2/3) are accredited by Sport Ireland and run by Local Sports Partnerships (LSP’s) in the Rep. of Ireland.  In Northern Ireland Sport NI run equivalent courses called Safeguarding Young People in Sport.


Basic Awareness Workshops

Sport Ireland - Children in Sport Awareness Workshop (Code of Ethics- Safeguarding 1)

Sport N.I – Safeguarding Young People in Sport


Advanced Workshops

Sport Ireland - Club Children’s Officer Workshop (Safeguarding 2)

Sport Ireland - Designated Liaison Person (Safeguarding 3)

Sport N.I - Child Protection: Designated Officer


All coaches, volunteers and parents working with children in a sports setting are encouraged to attend the Basic Awareness Workshops.  Completion of the Basic Awareness Workshop is a prerequisite for Badminton Ireland’s Level 1 Coaching Qualification and Coaches License.  The Advanced Workshops are for members taking on the Club Children’s Officer or the Designated Liaison Person positions.  These courses can be run on request so if your club would like to run a course please contact membership at:


For more information on Badminton Irelands Child Protection Policies and Procedures please click here:  


Code of Ethics Safe Sport App

Sport Ireland have developed a Safe Sport App which can be easily downloaded by anyone working with children in sport.


Please find below a calendar of upcoming Code of Ethics – Safeguarding Young People in Sport Workshops.