Technical Officials


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Technical Officials (TOs) are a critical part of the game and Badminton Ireland is committed to developing and maintaining skilled and well qualified TOs for its domestic events and for the sport at an international level.

Badminton Ireland is also committed to developing training materials / guidelines for referees, umpires and line judges and ensuring fair and transparent processes of assessment and nomination for major tournaments.

The coordination of TOs issues for Badminton Ireland is the responsibility of the Volunteer & Events Logistics Manager supported by the Technical Officials Group.


The Referee

The Referee has overall charge of the tournament.  The Referee ensures that the tournament is conducted in accordance with the Laws of Badminton and the Rules and Regulations of Badminton Ireland.  The Referee should ensure that the players are provided with safe facilities and playing conditions of an adequate standard. The Referee is also responsible for the approval of the programme of play and practice schedule.   He/She should also ensure there is an adequate panel of technical officials of requisite ability and appropriate international representation.





The Umpire has authority over a particular match and is in charge of the court and its immediate surroundings. The Umpire should ensure the match is conducted in accordance with the Laws of Badminton and the Rules and Regulations of Badminton Ireland.  The Umpire makes rule calls regarding service faults and other player faults or lets.  The Umpire keeps the match score which he or she announces after each point.  The Umpire also keeps a record of any incidents of misconduct and reports them to the Referee.  The Umpire’s jurisdiction applies from entering the court before the match until leaving the court after the match.  An Umpire reports to and acts under the authority of the Referee.


Line Judge

The Line Judge is responsible for a service, side or baseline during a particular match and decides whether the shuttle has landed in or out of court. Line Judges call the shuttle ‘in’ or ‘out’ using the appropriate verbal call and hand signals. If they are unsighted they signal to this effect and the Umpire makes the decision or if no decision can be given a let is called.