Xcessible Bronze Level Award


Xcessible Bronze Level Award

Badminton Ireland is delighted to announce that we have rewarded Cara Xcessible Bronze Level Award. 

Cara is delighted to recognise the outstanding work undertaken by Badminton Ireland over the last 12 months in the inclusion of people with disabilities within their sport by awarding them with the Xcessible Bronze Award. It is clear to see the commitment and passion of Badminton Ireland towards inclusion and great to see the progress they made in this area, particularly in how they are using the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter and Xcessible to drive their ambition. We congratulate Badminton Ireland on their achievements so far and look forward to supporting them on the next stage of their journey in achieving Xcessible Silver. 

Badminton Ireland would like to thank all the partners who helped and guided us through the journey.



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