Badminton Ireland - Governance Mid-Year Update


Badminton Ireland - Governance Mid-Year Update

Work has been ongoing in Governance over the past 6 months. 

Some key points to elaborate on in terms of this progress:

Safeguarding Training continues to be well received by our membership. We have seen 84 participants on our courses over the past 6 months across all of our Branches. Please keep an eye for further Safeguarding Workshops we plan to deliver in August and September. We will also be rolling out the Sport Ireland Safeguarding 3 (Designated Liasion Person) Workshop shortly.

Our branches are continuing to work towards compliance with the Governance Code. This has proved challenging given the circumstances. By working towards compliance with the Governance Code for Sport our Branches are showing great enthusiasm and the effort shown by our volunteers is to be commended on this journey. To accompany this journey we have also been running a training programme for Branch Executive Officers which has been provided by the Carmichael Centre. So far our Branch Executive Officers have had a training on how to run an efficiant organisation and a succession planning workshop. Many thanks to all who have attended and no doubt, are taking back these learnings back to their branch executive committees.

We look forward to working and improving on this progress for the remainder of 2021, and provide further guidance on a return to Badminton.

If you have any queries in relation to governance, please contact our National Governance Officer, Conor Fadian, on his contact details below.




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