Masters Nations Cup 2020


Masters Nations Cup 2020

The selected Irish Team for the upcoming Masters Nations Cup 2020 has been announced. Read more…





Photo taken at the Nations Cup 2018

The Nations Cup 2020 will take place in Cartagena, Spain 21st to 24th May. Team consists of 30 Irish Masters players in 5 age groups 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+. 1 MD, 1 WD and 2 XD in each section.

Ireland will play Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland in the group stages.

Team Ireland

O40 Men


O40 Women

Andy McVeigh


Catherine Redican

Brian Colgan


Celine Connors

Tom Bourke


Gillian Grimes


O45 Men


O45 Women

Andrew Fenner


Jayne Orr

Karl Crawford


Sylvia Campion

Willie Stevenson


Siobhan Grehan


O50 Men


O50 Women

Mark Topping


Karen Ballantine

Mark Peard


Dorothy McCullough

Ian Young


Brenda MurrayFlynn


O55 Men


O55 Women



Pam Peard

Aubrey Cox


Sian Williams

Brian McGowan


Heather Harron


O60 Men


O60 Women

Gerard Kenna


Doreen McClements

Joe Wright


Christine Graham

Willie McMillan


Vera Marron

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